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This was a Omega Constellation Replica pre-2012 15202ST reference and the spark was not there. Omega Constellation Replica It was too angular and too rough. Although I liked it a lot, it was not as motivating as the one that cost 15k (or 12k for a used one).Audemars Piguet released a revised Omega Constellation Replica version of the ref. in January 2012. 15202ST at the SIHH Geneva. It was a gift that I received when I tried it on my wrist during a photoshoot. It was head over heels! It was Omega Constellation Replica immediately clear to me why I liked the new version more than the old. The markers were shorter and thinner, while the clous-de-Paris (hobnail dial) featured a finer pattern called petit tapisserie. This made the watch more comfortable and I love it.Omega Constellation Replica

It is Omega Replica Watches so well balanced and perfect. The design also displays a Omega Constellation Replica admirable middle ground between masculine and feminine lines. The bracelet and case are both very masculine, and they also have a lot of shine. My old 5402ST isn't as shiny and the edges have softened over time.The bracelet and case of the Royal Omega Constellation Replica Oak still look very masculine, sharp and almost edgy. The 5402's petit tapisserie, which is smaller than the 15202 tapisserie, looks great and softens the watch's appearance. In my opinion, a different dial is very important for the Royal Oak's look. Omega Constellation Replica The design is perfectly matched by the long, sleek hour markers. It is harmonious, balanced, masculine, and not too "hard" nor angular.Omega Constellation Replica

The 5402 was not as omega constellation replica watches popular as it used to be when my son was born. Omega Constellation Replica The little fingers of my son grab everything and the 5402 becomes thin, making it feel fragile. As the Omega Constellation Replica new 15202ST was introduced in 2012, I began saving my pennies to buy one. Although the dial and bracelet look different, they still retain the essence of the 5402ST.Although I was surprised to discover that the dial was actually blue in 2012, it Omega Constellation Replica was because Octavio Garcia, designer, had told me that the original dial also had a blue dial. Maybe I am colourblind but the dial on my 5402ST is not blue to me. It looks Omega Constellation Replica beautiful, and it is great. The best part is that the 15202ST doesn't feel fragile. I wear it all the time and don't worry about my son grabbing it and breaking something.Omega Constellation Replica

Although it Omega Replica feels very similar to the 5402, I can imagine a few modern Omega Constellation Replica features. I would love to see the clasp adjust finely so that the bracelet can be made longer or shorter. Vacheron's Overseas has a quick release system that I like. I would Omega Constellation Replica also love to be able wear my 15202ST with a rubber band. But overall, the watch is still very pleasing to me and I love it.This is my opinion. It's BS, I believe. We don't have the Omega Constellation Replica funds to cover the next record-setting Rolex. You like a watch if you like it. This type of collecting is not for me. Some watches have a misprint dial, an "underline", or a rare "dot over 90". These watches are highly sought-after today because the Omega Constellation Replica world of collecting has managed to differentiate between the old Rolex Submariners from the newer models. Both watches have the same reference and appear identical to most collectors. A broken dial is now called a "spiderweb" dial. A faded dial is known as a "tropical", while a dial with spots or marks is known as a leopard dial. This is all nonsense to me. People found a way of having a watch they consider more valuable than others. Omega Constellation Replica Others found a way of 'aging' watches so that they become more collectible and can make a nice profit. It's a dark world, and I prefer not to be in it.Omega Constellation Replica